Welcome to Mill Creek Meats & Processing

We offer competitive pricing for custom slaughter and processing.

Newly built federally inspected processing plant.

All products are vacuum packaged in standard 3 mil bags.

Fresh frozen cuts of locally raised beef and pork are available daily.

Phone, fax or e-mail orders are accepted.

Products are available for retail or wholesale.

Check back with us often for great deals on our coupons page!

New Pricing as of 2/12/2018
(priced per lb by hanging weight)

Slaughter prices
Pork:  $40.00
up to 850 lbs:  $60.00
850 lbs or over:  $90.00

Patties & Cure – extra charges may apply
$.64 per lb
Whole Hog $1.99 per lb
Half Hog $2.09 per lb